No programming or configure required

Focus on the tasks of your business, do not waste your time on non-core tasks.

Often to automate business tasks requires programming by your specialists or hiring a contractor or configure of different levels of complexity in case of low-code bpmn system. All this requires your time resource, which is irreplaceable. We offer you to delegate this type of work to us. We will create the necessary business process templates, perform configure and programming (if necessary). This will allow you to save your time and the result will fully meet the needs of your business. Everything you need is to tell us about your tasks.


Fully meets your needs

To achieve the maximum effect of automation and make business more efficient, we offer a personal approach and automate scenarios of business tasks of your business (business usecases)


Integration with third-party applications

Seamless automation of business tasks often requires integration with other systems. We will analyze the tasks for the possibility of integration and, if appropriate, will fulfill it.



Automatedby SAAS is available in the Early Access Program (EAP). EAP users have full access to the Standard plan free of charge through the time the EAP runs.

Prices and the breakdown of features are approximate and given for reference only. They may be adjusted before the public release.


$ 21

Per user/month

Custom branding
Complex workflow
5 Change request/month
Extra change request - 50$
Email + Chat support

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